Sunday, October 30, 2005

First Day

In the year 2005 I travelled and performed in some european countries. Almost everywhere I encountered the same situation. Soundicians, organizers, labelowners who had little money, but worked with a lot of dedication.

A lack of money and no link to financing organisations are major reasons for a stagnant situation. Travel expenses can't be paid for. Organizers have to restrict their activity. Cd-'s produced at home often reach other people as a gift; get produced in small numbers, or don't get produced at all.

The basic idea of The no-budget Foundation is to find a way to ask for a 50 Euro contribution to established organisations from the musical world, that work with a budget and a financial support.

Everybody can fill in its own reason why some money from the financial part of the musicworld should flow to the non-financial part of it. I won't go into that.

Before officialising The no-budget Foundation some problems should be resolved.

First there is a legal matter. In which country should it be based. Does anyone know about conditions for foundations. Where is the law at its most friendly?

Can we find lawyers who will help us?

The no-budget Foundation should have a bank account.
Who will control it, and who will distribute the 50 euro?
If there is an office, money will go into maintaining it and paying expenses.

Money has to go to the people who have little money for their activities.

The most direct possibility of asking money is by writing.
Every member of The no-budget Foundation should address someone or the abstraction of someone in his/hers own area.

I can imagine a letter without too much explanation. So, not telling why a 50 Euro gift is good for the encouragement and support of a widespread movement, because the person who receives the post will be willing or not willing to read and react.

If he/she is willing, he/she is also intelligent enough to figure out why a contribution of 50 Euro out of the budget of his/hers companies latest production is a nice sympathic move.
If he/she is not willing, every word that is too much, is wasted.

Once this money comes to the bankaccount, it should go out as well.
I propose two lists.
Who steps into the organisation first will be number one on the list. And so on.
The first one gets his 50 euro, and moves to the second list, where again he/she is number one.
When the first list is empty, it seizes to exist, and list number two becomes, the first list.

The soundmaker/organiser/labelowner posts that he/she has received the money, and how it helped him.

This is basically it.

Once The no-budget Foundation exists officialy, there is an enormous field of possibilities.

But that is an other dream.

I sincerely hope to read from you here.

greetings to you all,