Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some Words on the Money Problem

Salvatore Sanfillipo has sent me some usefull links.

http://problogger.net explains how to make money from blogs

In a long article he explains how you can earn (some) money, adding advertisemants to your blog or website. This is a part of it. The complete article can be found on his website.

"The AdSense program is not the only available on the internet but it is in general the best both in terms of how much you can earn, and impact from the point of view of the site's visitor. AdSense ADs tend to be very informative, fast to load and not annoying, expecially if the site is not overloaded with advertising. There are a number of AD formats so it is very likely you can find one that fits well in your current or future site layout. The question is, is it really the best you can get? Is it possible to earn more money with a different program where you can actually sell things related to your software project? As usually this depends on your project, for example the WordPress blog engine is sponsoring web hosting providers. Every time an user purchases web hosting starting from the WordPress home page link, the project earns some money. This makes sense because most WordPress users are naturally interested in hosting. Following the same idea, GnomeMeeting may sell webcams via the Amazon Associates program, while a site about a programming language (be it an implementation of this programming language or a very important extension) may try to sell a book about programming on that language. If your software is not clearly related to something you can sell this starts to have little chances to work. The good news is that actually you can have AdSense units and other associates programs, but in general advertising works better then programs where you try to sell something in affiliation. At this point you may wonder how much it is possible to earn with AdSense with different types of free software projects. Don't think this data is going to be very accurate, but there is a pattern in newsgroups, malinglists and online forums: people ask how much it is possible to earn roughly, and everybody will reply with "it depends". Sure it depends, but I think I can give an order of magnitude: if your project is about a topic where there is some advertising interest (i.e. not Scheme Continuations nor Haskell Monads) and it is well tuned to have some chances that interested users will see and click on ADs, you can earn from 10$ to 150$ for month if you have 100 unique visitors every day. I know... from 10 to 150 is not going to be an accurate guessing, but this is the best I can give you, and I'm sure there are people that will experience less than 10$ and more than 150$. This business is, as you can guess, strictly proportional to the number of visitors you get, so the other parameters being fixed, with 1000 unique visitors every day you can earn from 100$ to 1500$ dollars for month, and so on. What is interesting is that you can try to change the other parameters in order to make your earning nearest to 150$ and not 10$. The rest of this article will try to give some advice about how to optimize your project for AdSense. Before to continue I want to stress a point: to have 1000 unique visitors a day means you have a very successful free software program. This is not common, so what you can expect from most projects is 100 or 200 dollars for month. Not so much but you will be able to pay for a domain name, and have some hour every month to spend for your nice free software customer, and being it a very special customer I bet you will charge very little for hour when you work for him. If you think 100 dollars for month are too little, think that it is enough for a programmer doing software about webcams to buy a new webcam every month, like the author of an application useful to control some kind of device (like an mp3 player) under Linux may be able to buy the new model every six months (assuming it costs 600$). In general this is able to buy you a new laptop every year, and of course if your service to the community is very high (so your program is well know, and you get a lot of visitors) this is going to be more than 100$ for month. "

Salvatore's website: www.invece.org


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