Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Before waking up - a song for Pati

Leo never had a beard;
when you sing, birds will nestle in his hat.

On tombstones, fingers run over the names
and then
the spirits run over your skin - weak sky -
cover it with your mouth - now it rains -
echoos come for shelter.

Barefoot in the hills - sun is watching
now run
now stand
send your song to the clouds -
the village is abandoned - stones are
yellow - warm as bread.

Dressed in whispers we walk through
empty houses - follow - follow - run
ahead - an old grammaphone is
picturing home -
home is empty - home is Egypt.

Woodblocks grow from your hand - speak -
and leave the room as night leaves the
She comes back, and morning light washes
her away.

Leo never had a beard;
when you sing, birds will come from
the mountains in the south.

Pati lives in an old shoe factory - small factory, big house - at ten minutes walk from the town centre of Vigevano, and 2 euro's distance from Milan.
She organizes concerts.
She sings.
She performs.

Her Cd can be bought at
Do yourself and her a favor.
Organise a holiday in sound,
buy her cd.

madame P.


Blogger zeromoon said...

I think it would make for an interesting collaboration between you two. Falafel pop.

I look forward to hearing it.

Friday, 10 February, 2006  

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