Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Money Problem: Idea for a no-workshop

The idea for a no-workshop I got from interact2006, a danish initiative. They propose to organise a workshop for soundartists/composers and visual artists who will work together, helped, stimulated and inspired by curators. The rest of their wordings can be read on their website.
The most inspiring part of their initiative I found the fact that in order to participate the various sound - and visual artists had to pay 500 euro. Twelve times 500 euro makes for 6000 euro.

The idea for a no-workshop is to send out an invitation to art-professors, art-critics, curators, museumdirectors.
In the no-workshop the participants will be able to exchange ideas with soundicians, get involved in their social environment and witness their creative process.
They will be offered a profound insight in the methods of organising a concert.
Art-professors and art-critics are encouraged to write an essay about their experiences during the days of no-workshop. Curators and museumdirectors will be invited to take care of the visual aspect of a concert.

No program will be offered. Everything will be decided at the last moment, of course including a place to stay, where and what to eat, who to invite.

If any of the participants decides to contribute to the no-workshop with a work that can be digitalised, he will receive his work as a cdr in an edition of twenty-five. Visual artists will help him/her with the artwork of the cdr. If he agrees on sharing his work, it will be put on-line.

There is no limit to the number of participants, nor do participants have to apply with an introductory paper or a proposal/concept/project.
Each participant has to pay 500 euro in advance. This amount will be used as budget for the no-workshop.



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